Tuesday, October 11, 2016

The Extremely Epic Viking Tale of Yondersaay Release Celebration and Giveaway


Hello Readers! Welcome to the Release Day Celebration for
The Extremely Epic Viking Tale of Yondersaay by Aoife Lennon-Ritche
presented by Tantrum Books!
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Happy Book Birthday, Aoife!


This winter, siblings Ruairi and Dani Miller visit their ancestral homeland: the legendary Viking island of Yondersaay. Even with Granny Miller's storytelling to pass the time, the pair manage to find trouble. In less than twenty-four hours of their arrival, Ruairi is mistaken for the lost Boy King of Denmark, kidnapped by Vikings, and scheduled to be sacrificed at sundown. Granny isn’t very pleased.
But when everyone except them goes Viking, the three turn to Granny’s epic tales of the legends of Yondersaay, The Gifts of Odin, and King Dudo the Mightily Impressive for clues. But not all stories end happily, and Ruari, Dani, and Granny will have to write their own happy ending.
The Princess Bride meets Vikings in this enchanted tale of high adventure, buried treasure, villainous treachery, violent ends, and – of course – true love. Aoife Lennon-Ritchie's debut middle grade novel, THE EXTREMELY EPIC VIKING TALE OF YONDERSAAY, is a humorous and heartwarming story for readers ages 9+.
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The Extremely Epic Viking Tale of Yondersaay by Aoife Lennon-Ritchie Publication Date: October 11, 2016 Publisher: Tantrum Books


Going to Yondersaay

“Ready to go, Mum and Dad?” Granny bellowed down the Millers’ front hallway. Ruairi and Dani struggled in after her, laden down with her piles and piles of trunks and hatboxes and suitcases.
“Not quite yet,” Mum said, and the three heard a door slam at the back of the house.
“Well, get a move on!” Granny shouted. “The taxi is picking us up in an hour to take us to the airport. We can’t miss that flight as there’s only a thirty-minute layover in Dubai, and there’s only one flight this week that will take us from there to Copenhagen and on to Berlin, and from there, it’s a wee hop to Dublin airport, a wee-er one to Inverness, and in the middle of all that, there’s the ferry, the catamaran, and the helicopter until finally we catch the Yonder Air flight to Yondersaay.”
Mum emerged from the living room looking less than delighted with the sudden change in Christmas plans. “We’re nearly ready, Granny.” She turned to her children. “Has Granny told you? She’s feeling a little bit homesick, so Dad and I have agreed that we’ll all go up to Yondersaay for Christmas this year. On three conditions—” Dani and Ruairi started whooping and cheering immediately and took no notice of Mum’s three conditions, which were all about safety and good manners and the usual nonsense.
They hugged their mum and shouted, “Yaaaaaay, we’re going to Yondersaay!” 


Irish actor and writer Aoife Lennon-Ritchie studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, the Universita di Catania in Italy, University College Dublin in Ireland, and the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Aoife holds diplomas, degrees and a Masters in the multiple fields of business and information technology, English and classic literature, theatre and creative writing; she looks forward to doing her PhD in Film and Media. Always searching for new adventures, Aoife has lived in the UK, France, Greece, Italy, and several US cities, including Chicago, New York and Pittsburgh. She speaks three (and a half) languages. Although she was once an investment banker, she much prefers acting, fencing, writing, and being a mum. She currently lives in Cape Town with her handsome husband and two small children.

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