Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quill Shift: A Unique Agency for Children's and Young Adult Fiction

Why Quill Shift?

The Quill Shift Literary Agency represents writers of children’s and young adult fiction. We realize that the publishing industry, especially within this dynamic sector of the industry, is digitally shifting and expanding as more and more people are turning towards self-publishing as the answer to their writing dreams. We also understand that there is a greater need than ever to cultivate savvy writers, to provide them with resources to grow and flourish, and to connect them with readers who will most appreciate their works. By partnering with Quill Shift Literary Agency, because we truly see the agent/author relationship as a collaborative and supportive experience, authors are prepared to capitalize on every opportunity that is unearthed by our shifting industry.

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Quill Shift Literary Agency LLC is a boutique agency representing the intellectual property rights of authors who create quality books that provide children and young adults with long-lasting entertainment. Our authors receive dedicated care under representation from the Agency to ensure their long-term careers. Quill Shift Literary Agency takes pride in executing these services in order to allow authors to focus on writing marketable and well-written literature. Traditional representation services include:

Editorial Consultation
Contract Negotiation & Management
Subsidiary Rights Sales
Business Management

In addition to the standard services, Quill Shift Literary Agency provides certain services beyond the traditional because the industry is no longer traditional. We embrace new technologies and spheres in this digital age that empower readers to join in on the publishing process. The engagement and empowerment of readers in the publishing process is strategically designed to expand and strengthen the reach of an authors’ works. These enhanced services include:

Author Care & Advocacy
Industry Trend Information
Market Analysis
Long-term Career Strategy
Pre-publication Platform Creation & Audience Buzz
Self-publishing Facilitation
Social Media Assistance

Quill Shift Literary Agency ensures its authors success by identifying and market-testing their work through social media and crowdfunding, demonstrating their market appeal. Readers support what they truly want to read before it even gets published, which leads to the delivery of new, multi-dimensional talent that meets the stringent criteria for traditional publishing while also priming the author for a nontraditional route, simultaneously.

Quill Shift Literary Agency welcomes published and aspiring US-based writers of children’s and young adult fiction to submit to the agency. We have a keen interest in new authors writing for diverse audiences.

If you would like more information about this wonderful new concept and to either submit a manuscript or become part of the reading Shifter group go to: