Monday, March 21, 2011

The Secret of the Emerald Sea

Beneath the waves of the glittering Emerald Sea, there is another world, filled with magic, strange and wondrous creatures, and many mysteries. When a young girl from a small seaside village decides to explore this hidden world one rainy night, she learns a shocking secret that leads to the adventure of a lifetime…

What I Liked:
I liked the mythology aspect of this book. Cupid in particular was one to watch. Cover art is lovely!

What I Didn't:
The first part of the book was hard to get into, but it picked up as I went along. I also expected a teen book from the cover, but the tone was more middle grade to preteen with a fairy tale sort of slant.

This book is a good adventure, but the tone is almost middle grade to preteen which is why I placed the rating the way I did.  Once you get past the age expectation and put your mind into the story, it works. Not going to give any spoilers! If you enjoy an old fashioned fairy tale feel, give this book a try.

3 1/2 out of 5


  1. Ohh, I've never heard of this book.
    The cover is really pretty too! I love any books to do with the sea!

    Really nice review. Perhaps if you have time, would you mind checking out my blog?


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