Friday, November 12, 2010

What are you reading today?

It's a beautiful autumn day and there are books everywhere! What could be better? What are you reading today? Leave a comment and let me know.


  1. That is a very nice picture :)
    I am beta reading something for a friend and was reading Personal Demons last night

  2. Hello fellow blogger! new follower to your page here. Just wanted to drop some *love* and say that you have a wonderful blog here! I'm new to blogging and would love if you could return the favor and follow my page! Happy Blogging!

    currently reading SHIVER. Yay.

    how many times do you think i used the word blog?

  3. I loved Shiver! It was the best!

  4. I am reading The Lincolns byDaneil Epstein and a real southern belle diary called More Than Powers of Perception...


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