Sunday, May 19, 2013

Wonderstruck; A Giveaway of Epic Proportions

We are extremely excited to announce an epic giveaway made possible by a certain author who donated his prize for his winning Novella submission to promote this anthology! A huge thank you to Jon Messenger (Author of: Wind Warrior) for donating this gift card to you amazing fans and readers!

About Wonderstruck:

Prepare to be Wonderstruck! Join us in celebrating the launch of Clean Teen Publishing's first Young Adult Anthology: Wonderstruck. Wonderstruck is a YA anthology with works of inspiration based on five images. Authors around the world were invited to submit their interpretation of these five images and compete in a writing competition. The categories for the Wonderstruck anthology include: a Drabble (A story told in 100 words. Not 99, not 101, but exactly 100 words,) a Short Story, a Novelette and a Novella. 

Enter the Rafflecopter below for an opportunity to win a $100 Amazon gift card, a digital copy of Wonderstruck and a Wonderstruck bookmark. 

Congratulate the authors of Wonderstruck:

Winning Novella-
Jon Messenger ~ Wind Warrior

Winning Novelette-
Maren Dille ~ Pastiche

Winning Short Story-
Katie Ellis ~ The Silent Man

Winning Drabble-
Jennifer Bull ~ A Lady's Revenge

Wonderstruck Authors (By Last Name):

Radeyah H. Ali 
Drabble~ Magically Fitted

Gabrielle Arrowsmith 
Drabble~ Joah and the Beacon of Light

Beau Barnett 
Short Story~ Into Eternity

Jennifer Bull
Short Story~ A Wizard's World
Drabble~ Life in a Jar
Drabble~ Round and Round I Go
Drabble~ A Lady's Revenge
Drabble~ Once In a Blue Moon

Liana Chau 
Drabble~ Ahead and Beyond

MeMe Collier 
Short Story~ The Fairy Jar

Leah D.W. 
Short Story~ Watery Grave

Maren Dille 
Novella~ Pastiche

Katie Ellis 
Short Story~ The Silent Man

Julie Gilbert 
Drabble~ Keio and the Farsight Fire

Lisa Goldman 
Short Story~ Oafish Me

Dominique Goodall 
Drabble~ Fairy Capture

Brenna Harden 
Short Story~ A Warriors Journey

Sandra Havriluk 
Drabble~ Jedidiah

Sacha Hope
Novelette~ Glass Heart

Erin Liles 
Novelette ~ Outside the Walls

B.T. Lyons
Novella~ Heartkeeper Short Story~ Peace

Julie Marcinik 
Short Story~ The Executioner

Mia Marin 
Drabble~ A Note To My Traveler
Drabble~ A Dear Dalliance

Miranda Maurin 
Short Story~ The Dance of Time

Jon Messenger 
Novella~ Wind Warrior

Veronica Morfi 
Drabble~ Shine

Ifeoma Ofuani 
Drabble~ He Would Be Great

Paula Phillips 
Short Story~ Skye in High School Wonderland

Jocelyn Sanchez 
Novella~ A World Unlike Mine
Drabble~ Night
Drabble~ Darkness and Light

Clemy W. Thompson 
Drabble~ The Truth

Dana Wright
Drabble~ Fairy Lights

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