Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Vampire Stalker: Review

What I Liked:

First: Cover art=awesome!

I enjoyed the lead character, Amy being so in love with the book series she was reading. I think many of us can identify with that. In some ways, the feel of the book reminded me of Twilight fans and how we all wish we could meet Edward or Jacob in real life. Drool-worthy, to be sure. The idea of one of them saving me from a fellow vampire or werewolf menace does have appeal. The blending of the characters from one world to the next and all the adventures that follow are compelling and kept me reading.

Author Allison van Diepen poses a great question: What would you do if the character you loved most suddenly popped out of nowhere and you got to interact with him/her and his/her world? I love that idea! For Amy to be able to meet her fondest love, Alexander, the fictional vampire stalking hero from her favorite book series is perfect.

What I Didn't:

While the beginning of the book started off with a believable cast of characters, a good voice and an interesting plot, it got a little slow and the believability wobbled a bit. The characters from the fictional universe that got dropped into real-time Chicago were a little too accepting of what had just happened to them. The same with some of the real world characters accepting that there was a true to life vampire running around town. I felt like there should have been a bit more resistance to the idea.

 I found Amy to be the only real reaction I could identify with in the book. The The first couple of fight scenes were good, but looking at the universal plot line, the conflict was more flat than I would have liked.


I liked the book. Especially the idea of a book character coming to life and being able to interact in the real world. Allison van Diepen had a great idea and I know many of us can identify with Amy's dream of being with her hero, Alexander. The voice was good, but the plot lines fell a little toward the end of the book. The final conflict fell a bit flat, but overall, I look forward to seeing what will hit the shelves next by Ms. Van Diepen.

I received this book book from the wonderful folks at Scholastic in exchange for an honest review.

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