Friday, December 31, 2010

An awesome movie.

Watching the preview for this movie, I knew I had to see it. Last night I rented it on Pay Preview and couldn't stop\laughing.

Olive, a fairly normal high school girl, tells her friend a lie about a date with a college boy and suddenly her reputation begins to spiral out of control. Meaning well, she helps a fellow student in detention and things get interesting.

Without giving away too much of the plot, I have to tell you that this movie totally fits in with a topic that is close to many of our hearts these days. Teen bullying and peer pressure. This movie will make you laugh and can make you cry. I loved it for it's wit, snap and truthful look at what being in high school can mean. A reputation can be made or broken in an instant, and often you never know which until it is too late.

Sometimes the people you think are your friends, aren't and the most surprising things can happen. Including finding yourself trying to get religious help from the father of your worst frenemy. Enough said.       

The other reason I liked this movie was for the references to the book, The Scarlet Letter. Yes, for those of you wanting to know. I did read it. A long time ago. In high school. We just won't discuss when that was. :) The references to Hester throughout the movie and the red A's she starts sewing on her clothes to prove a point really made it for me. Olive isn't going to take the crap Hester did, and she is going to kick the rumor mill right in the teeth. You go woman!!!!

Five out of five stars, ladies and gents. So get your popcorn and hit the Pay Preview button. You won't be sorry. You can find out way more cool things about the movie at the official website:

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