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The Vengeful by Chantel Fourie

1. I write because… Fictional worlds are more interesting than the real world.
2. If I were your favorite cookie, what would I be? An oreo! Yum!
3. Plotter or pantster? A bit of both. I’m not someone to sit and plan something. I’ll get an idea, think about it a bit (maybe write down a few important details), and then sit down and let the story create itself.
4. What is your favorite type of character to write about and why? Semi-villains! I just love a dark, mysterious kinda character that reveals a bit of good in the end.
5. Hamburgers or sushi? I’m more of a pizza person. I’ll settle for a pizza hamburger… If something like that exists.
6. Name three things on your desk. Computer, phone, tablet (now what about my cup of coffee?)
7. What books have influenced your writing style? Hmm… Good question.  If I have to choose, I’ll go with The Mediator by Meg Cabot, Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling and Alan Wake (more for the game than the book, but the book is just as awesome) by Rick Burroughs.
8. Tell us a little about your book. The Vengeful is the first novella in a YA paranormal series. It tells the story of Zack, a teenage guy, fighting his way through an alternative dimension full of reaper-like creatures to save his brother’s life. In this world of deceit, he must put his trust in the right person, or end up dooming the human race.
9. What advice do you have for new and aspiring authors? Don’t give up! Writing is a learning process. No matter how much your writing sucks, keep on trying and you’ll eventually achieve your goals.
10. What is next on your writerly horizon? I have about 3 half-written books that I want to finish this year. But for now I’m just focusing on The Vengeful’s sequel.

Top 5 Movies:
View from the Top
The Karate Kid
Bridge to Terabithia
The Covenant

In a world where vengeful creatures battle humans, knowing who to trust could be the difference between losing his brother and saving the human race.

When Zack ends up in an alternate dimension and loses his brother to the Vengeful, the last thing he expects is that one of the soul-seeking creatures would save his life.
Vale, a Vengeful with human capabilities, needs his help to retrieve an orb from the last remaining human settlement. In return, he promises to help Zack save his brother and take them back to their own world.
In the settlement, he learns the truth about the Vengeful and the orb’s power. But it is only when he meets Shiro, the human leader, that Zack begins to have doubts. Can he trust Vale to keep his promise, or should he believe Shiro instead?
The fate of the human race rests on his choice.

As soon as the engine shut off, silence crept in. It pressed down on Zack’s chest, almost suffocating him. He needed to get out of here before he went crazy. His hand went for the door, but Jake grabbed his arm. Zack shot him a glare, brushing off his hand, wondering what the issue could be this time. But then he saw it too. His stomach dropped as he looked at the figures of three more of the strange cloaked people. He noticed these were different. They were bigger and cloaked in a darker shade of gray. The hoods shadowed each of their faces and their hands and feet were invisible. Two carried weapons. One held a sword, engulfed in a dark purple energy, and the other a giant hammer, surrounded by the same substance.
“I don’t think you should have stopped, Jake.” Zack gulped.
“I didn’t,” Jake said as he turned the key in the ignition, but the car stayed quiet. There wasn’t even a click. “It’s dead!”
The people hovered closer. The giant hammer-wielding creature stopped at the side of the car. Zack’s side. Blood drained from Zack’s face as it lifted the hammer high above its shoulder.
“Drive, Jake! Drive!”
“I can’t. It won’t start!”
“Oh crap.” Zack ducked as the hammer swung down. He waited for the pain to sink in... For the car to explode... Anything. But when nothing happened, he sat up slowly. The car was still in one piece. He checked his body for any changes and relaxed. The hammer did no visible damage at all. “What’s going on?” a bewildered Zack asked.
“Whoa, it went right through! Did you see that?”
Zack didn’t answer, because first, he didn’t see, and second, one of the other people moved forward. This one held no weapon. It stopped in front of the car, standing with its face cast downward for what felt like forever, and then let loose a terrifying screech. The frequency was so high it nearly pierced his eardrums.
“Cover your ears!” Zack yelled as he covered his own with the palm of his hands, but it didn’t drive out the noise or stop the pain pulsing through his brain.
“It’s not working!” Jake said, looking right into the screamer’s face.
Instead of looking, Zack shut his eyes, thinking it would help if he didn’t see it.
“Can’t handle this, my... brain...” Jake groaned.
Zack jerked his head at the click of the car door, catching Jake stumbling out. “What the hell are you doing? Get back inside!” Zack yelled. “Are you crazy?”
Jake ignored him. He stumbled down the road a few feet before he stopped and looked back. His face was stripped of all emotion, his eyes still fixed on the screaming person who moved closer toward him. The other people followed. What’s so interesting about that thing’s face that Jake wasn’t running! Zack got out of the car to jerk him away, but he was too late.
The people were upon Jake before he could move. Let go of my brother, you freaks! Zack wanted to scream, but his voice refused. The two carrying weapons swung them down through his body with sheer force. As Jake yelled, a wave of cold rushed through Zack’s body, chilling him to the bone.
“No!” Shaking, he stepped forward. “Jake!” He forced a yell as he gasped for air. His heart pumped wildly in his chest. This couldn’t be happening. Not to Jake. Not his brother.

Author bio:

Chantel Fourie is a YA author, specializing in Fantasy and Paranormal fiction. She lives in Despatch, a quiet town in South Africa.
Since a young age, she has treasured books and spent many afternoons at the local library. Even after the librarians suggested the adult section, she kept loyal to the Young Adult shelves.
Her first novella, The Vengeful, is published with Lycaon Press. She is currently working on various short stories and novellas, including the sequel of The Vengeful. When she is not writing, she is most likely absorbed in a world of fiction or playing online computer games with her friends.
You can find her on Twitter @darkwrld1021


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