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The Ivory Queen Book Blast

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Ivory Queen (Order Of The Bell #1.5) by Jacob Devlin
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Twenty-five years ago, the venomous Queen Avoria was banished from the enchanted realms of Florindale and sentenced to spend eternity inside a cursed mirror.
After a seemingly endless tumble through the mirror’s abyss, Avoria awakens in a gloomy metropolis in the darkest corner of Wonderland. There she meets the shrewd King of Hearts, Cornelius Redding, and the two strike a turbulent alliance. As Avoria helps Cornelius execute his conquest of Wonderland, she plots her own vengeance against the world that cast her out. In the city's cold shadows, Avoria finds pawns in the souls that defied her, truth in the reflection that calls to her, and power in the past that forged her. And thus, the Ivory Queen begins carving a path to the ultimate throne.
Ivory Queen (Order of the Bell #1.5) by Jacob Devlin Publication Date: January 10, 2017 Publisher: Blaze Publishing

    "a well-written glimpse into the magic mirror." - Janelle   " Avoria is a really fascinating villain"Samantha  

When Jacob Devlin was four years old, he would lounge around in Batman pajamas and make semi-autobiographical picture books about an adventurous python named Jake the Snake. Eventually, he traded his favorite blue crayon for a black pen, and he never put it down. When not reading or writing, Jacob loves practicing his Italian, watching stand-up comedy, going deaf at rock concerts, and geeking out at comic book conventions. He does most of these things in southern Arizona.

The asteroid hurtling toward the earth will kill billions.
The Emperor and his Gold Court will be safe in their space station, watching from the stars. The Silvers will be protected underground. But the Bronzes must fight it out at the Shadow Trials for the few remaining spots left on the space station.
When an enigmatic benefactor hands Maia Graystone a spot in the Trials, she won’t just get a chance at salvation for her and her baby brother, Max: She gets to confront the mother who abandoned her in prison, the mad Emperor who murdered her father, and the Gold prince who once loved her. But it’s the dark bastard prince she’s partnered with that will make her question everything, including her own heart. With the asteroid racing closer every day, Maia must trust someone to survive.
The question is who?

Shadow Fall (Shadow Fall #1) by Audrey Grey Publication Date: November 22, 2016 Publisher: Blaze Publishing
After a financial collapse devastates the United States, the new government imposes a tax on the nation’s most valuable resource—the children.
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Crescenzo never would’ve thought his father’s figurines were modeled after real people, but when his loved ones start vanishing from his life, he must unite their real life counterparts and seek their aid to save his family.
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The Carver by Jacob Devlin Publication Date: July 19, 2016 Publisher: Blaze Publishing
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Ninja Girl

Ninja Girl
Genre: YA Contemporary Romance
Release Date: March 30th 3017

Summary from Goodreads:

Seventeen-year-old Snow-Soon Lee kicks ass--literally. She teaches at her family-owned martial arts gym, The Academy, and cares more about training to be the next Bruce Lee than hooking up. In fact, Snow's never even been kissed. But when Girls Night rolls around, Snow decides to prove to her friends (and herself) that she's not just some boring tomboy. Impulsively, she kisses a hot stranger and even manages to escape his two security guards.

One stolen kiss…

Ash Stryker's senior year sucks. His politician father pulled him out of Chariot High, separating him from his championship-winning soccer team. Now he's stuck at a prissy private school with no friends, no team and no chance of being scouted. On top of that, thanks to the death threats his dad's received, Ash has a security tail aka professional babysitters. When the mystery girl from the movies shows up at his school, rappelling from the rafters, Ash knows one thing: he won't let her get away again.

One interesting job proposition…

After a seemingly random attack, Ash's mother surprises everyone. She hires Snow to be Ash's personal bodyguard until after the election. But can Snow's kick-ass skills hold up against the rising threats to Ash's family? More importantly, can Ash convince his ninja girl to screw ethics and kiss him again?

Opposites attract in this YA romance where a smooth talker meets his match in the tough girl who (literally) sweeps him off his feet. Moral of the story:

Sometimes even bad boys need a bodyguard.

About the Author

Cookie O'Gorman writes YA romance to give readers a taste of happily-ever-after. Small towns, quirky characters, and the awkward yet beautiful moments in life make up her books. Cookie also has a soft spot for nerds and ninjas. Her debut novel ADORKABLE is out now!

Author Links:
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Monday, March 13, 2017

Solomon's Bell


Michelle Lowery Combs is an award-winning writer and blogger who studied business and English at Jacksonville State University. She lives in Alabama with her husband and their army of children. When not in the presence of throngs of toddlers, tweens, and teens, Michelle can be found among the rows of her family's farm, neglecting her roots and dreaming up the next bestseller. She is a member of the Alabama Writers' Conclave and the Society of Children's Book Writers & Illustrators (SCBWI). Check Michelle out at her website MichelleLoweryCombs.com


I write because…
I’m better able to express myself on the page. Like many introverts, I tend to feel clunky and awkward when speaking, but writing offers the opportunity for perfect word choices and turns of phrase. A writer can embody any character they bring to life—even one with all the confidence in the world. 

If I were your favorite cookie, what would I be? Chocolate Oatmeal Cookie—my mother makes them at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I like to eat them warm before they’ve set. 

Plotter or pantster? There was a time when I waived my pantster flag proudly, but series writing has a way of forcing one into plotting. With the Genie Chronicles, it eventually became impossible for me to keep my character profiles and story arcs in my head, and I had to outline and plot. The process helped with insuring continuity and keeping me on track. 

What is your favorite type of character to write about and why? Villains. I used to be afraid of writing them, but a writing prompt I participated in with a group changed that. We were given an exercise to write a piece entirely from the perspective of a villain, and it gave me the opportunity to consider “bad guys” in ways that went beyond their use as foils and antagonists for a story’s main character. People are complex, whether they’re “good” or “bad.” That’s certainly the case for the villains in Solomon’s Bell, all of whom were wildly fun to craft.

Hamburgers or sushi? Sushi—of the rolled variety. I love rice! 

Name three things on your desk. iPad—it’s how I stream music when I’m writing. Cell phone—are any of us very far from our phones these days? A glass of sweet tea—I’m a Southerner, after all.

What books have influenced your writing style? I’m a humorist at heart, and everything I write comes from that place. Celia Rivenbark’s You Don’t Sweat Much for A Fat Girl and Jill Connor Browne’s Raising Children for Fun and Profit have both influenced my writing style when it comes to my blog. In terms of my fiction writing, Alan Bradley’s Flavia DeLuce novels gave me an incredible example to follow in terms of character voice. Bradley’s Flavia is young, but wicked smart and spunky. She’s also incredibly funny.

Tell us a little about your book. Solomon’s Bell is the second instalment of the Genie Chronicles and picks up within months of the conclusion to Heir to the Lamp. The book finds main character Ginn Lawson coming to terms with her genie heritage as a new threat to the secrecy of her abilities and the safety of her family looms large. With the help of friends, Ginn magically lands herself in 16th century Prague, where she searches for an artifact she hopes will enable her to thwart the Order of the Grimoire back home. The Grimms have proven they’ll stop at nothing to possess a genie as part of their magical menagerie, and their antics set Ginn on a collision course with the legendary Golem of Prague. 

What is next on your writerly horizon? While there is definitely a third Genie Chronicles instalment in the works, I’ve begun to contemplate a fourth. I also have a coming-of-age historical novel set in 1960’s Alabama that I’m eager to finish. Both projects involve extensive research, so I’m trying to balance that aspect of each while setting aside time to get actual words on the page, as they say. 

Top 5 Favorite Books
  1. Harry Potter Series, J.K. Rowling
  1. Stardust, Neil Gaiman
  1. The Founding Trilogy, D.M. Cornish
  1. The Chronicles of Narnia, C.S. Lewis
  1. Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, Beth Hoffman

To save her family, Ginn uses her newfound genie powers to transport herself and her friends to 16th century Prague. Only one thing there remains the same as at home: she can't let anyone know what she really is. The Emperor of Prague and those closest to him are obsessed with magic. In pursuit of it, they’ve waged war on the citizens of their city. In the citizens' defence, someone has brought to life a golem, a dangerous being with connections to an artefact capable of summoning and commanding an entire army of genies. Can Ginn escape the notice of the Emperor as she attempts to discover a way to defeat Prague’s golem in time to save her family from a similar creature? Solomon's Bell is the sequel to Heir to the Lamp and the second book of the Genie Chronicles series. Grab your copy now!


 Haley Hardy blinks up at me, her big blue eyes made larger with surprise. Haley’s the newbie: a tiny ten-year-old my family has been fostering for the last few months. Mom and Dad want to adopt Haley, but she hasn’t decided on Charles and Molly Lawson and their chaotic brood of six children yet. “What’s up, Haley?” I ask, trying to sound as though I don’t know she’s seen me appear from out of nowhere. I turn my back to her, retrieve the lamp from the ground, and stuff it into my pack. “Sixty-four percent of people believe the Loch Ness monster really exists,” Haley says in her high voice. “Of course, you’d have to use a point zero one significance level to test that claim; the survey I saw was online.” Half the time I have no idea what Haley is talking about. She’s insanely smart—a genius even. I can practically feel my IQ plummet whenever I try to have a conversation with her. “Um, really?” I ask, trying to imagine where this is going. Haley half turns toward the open door of the small barn as if she’s about to leave. I sigh with relief, but Haley seems to think better of it and turns to face me again. “Did you know that there’s an ongoing project to have collected evidence validated by science and the Sasquatch officially recognized as a species?” What? “Haley, where do you come up with this stuff?” I sink onto the wooden bench behind me, peering into the bright eyes of the strangest kid I’ve ever met. “I like to read,” she says, looking away. Between her right thumb and first two thin fingers, Haley rolls the fat glass marble she carries with her at all times. Mom says it’s a kind of security object, like how some kids develop attachments to stuffed toys or blankets from their babyhood. Mom also says the rest of us kids shouldn’t make a huge deal about it. Haley’s been in six foster homes in five years, and Mom figures the marble could be a keepsake from her life before all that, though Haley hasn’t said as much. She’s so intense sometimes; I don’t think anyone knows what to make of her. Mom says some of the other foster families exploited Haley; she’s been on a major talk show and even won twenty-five thousand dollars for one of her foster families on some game show before they abandoned her on the steps of the Children’s Methodist Home on their way to Las Vegas. Watching her with her marble, seeing how slowly she works the ball of glass flecked with every color of the rainbow, I can tell I’ve hurt her feelings. “Reading’s cool,” I say, hoping to reassure her. Sure, I thought about divorcing my parents when I found out we were taking in another kid, even when in the beginning the arrangement was supposed to be only temporary, but I kind of like the little brainiac. Mostly because of the way she’s able to keep Eli and Jasper in line. The Twosome are crazy about our new foster sister. Part of me is starting to wonder if Haley’s stats on Bigfoot could have anything to do with the boys’ obsession with B-grade horror movies. “I’d be satisfied with being half as smart as you, Haley. I’m having the worst time in algebra.” “Mr. Lawson is teaching me trigonometry,” Haley says brightening. “Algebra was a breeze.” My parents are homeschooling Haley; they say it’s for the best. She’d be at least a junior at my high school otherwise. I can imagine all four and a half feet of her struggling on tip-toe to reach a locker—that is if her statistics about the Loch Ness Monster didn’t get her stuffed into it. “I’m happy to tutor you,” she tells me. “Thanks. I’ll keep that in mind.” I stand and watch Haley eye the backpack on my shoulder. She looks from my face to the pack a few times. I think she’s about to say something about what she’s seen or thinks she’s seen with the lamp when Jasper bursts through the barn door. “Hay-wee!” he exclaims. “We need wou, quick! I fink we found a chupacabwa!” “It’s highly unlikely that a goat sucker or el chupacabra would be found this far north of Latin America, Jasper,” Haley says. She corrects my seven-year-old brother even as she allows him to tug her excitedly from the barn.    

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Beautiful Betrayal

Beautiful Betrayal (Heaven on Earth #2)
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy
Release Date: March 2017


It’s seldom quiet for long in heaven—especially when you’re a warrior angel like Belleeza.

Still recovering from the emotional turmoil of her last case, she and the gorgeous but tortured Colton are trying to find their way back to the passionate relationship they used to have. But when a brand new case wings its way into their laps, they’re suddenly forced to contend with a new set of problems. Belleeza is adept at striking down foes with her sword, whip, and the rest of her angelic weapons, but battling deception, intimacy, torment, and jealousy is a whole new challenge. At least she doesn’t have to fight alone. But sometimes even your friends aren’t what they seem, and danger lurks around every corner.

Watch your back—you never know who will be wielding the knife that stabs you.

Book One in the series (click on image for Goodreads link);

Series Trailer:

About the Author

JP Epperson lives in Atlanta, Georgia. She is a lover of all things fantasy and paranormal. When not writing or sitting with her head in a book she enjoys spending time with her husband and two sons. JP is a lover of the outdoors and her second home is a tent in the woods curled up with a book next to a campfire.

Author Links:

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Valentine's Day Giveaway

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Spaceship Broken Needs Repairs


Sammy's had a tough life. His father is abusive. His mother is an alcoholic. He developed pulmonary fibrosis from asbestos and needs an oxygen tank to breath. His family is poor and getting poorer. One day his mother's had enough and steals him away to a life on the run. She'd rather be a fugitive than subject Sammy to his father's rage. It doesn't take long for life on the run with a sick child to catch up to her. In order to keep Sammy alive she has no choice but to move in with her emotionally abusive grandfather. Sammy just wants a normal life. He just wants to get along, but when he meets a homeless alien that all changes. Now, he has to help her fix her ship and get off the planet. This is a book about families, broken homes, and the power of friendship. Whether you enjoy whimsy, dark humor, or coming of age stories, there is something for you inside these pages. Sci-fi. It’s a YA book, but for very mature kids. Warning: There is some strong language and the book deals with abuse. Buy your copy here http://www.spaceshipbrokenbook.com


ONE It started with a bang and a whimper. Well it wasn’t really a bang. It was more like a slap. Well, exactly like a slap. Actually, it wasn’t really a slap either. It was – what’s the sound a fist makes when it connects with a woman’s jaw? Like a woomp, or a thud, or a thwonk. Well, that was the sound. The sound of my mother being punched across the jaw by my father; her hair, her body, suspended motionless for a second, then falling gracefully in slow motion, as I watched horrified and petrified, nestled in the corner behind her. He’d aimed for me, but Mom jumped between us so that I wouldn’t face his assault. She always did that. She told me that the initial blow was always the worst; that she became numb after the third or fourth hit. At least that’s what she told me. I never believed her. I too often saw the pain on her face when he kicked her ribs for the eighth and ninth times. I watched helpless as the tears welled in her eyes. It was hell. Dad screamed the vilest things imaginable while he beat her. I blocked out the worst of it through years of wilful self-delusion. But a few burrowed deep into my memory. I used to wake at night, drenched in cold sweat. His screams jolted me out of my daydreams. They snapped me back to reality. “You vile, worthless WHORE!” “Lying sack of shit!” “Dumb Bitch!” Those were his favorites. She would cry and cry, for hours it seemed, until giant snot bubbles came out of her nose. He punched, kicked, screamed, and stomped my mother within inches of her life on more than a dozen occasions. She spent weeks in the hospital, battling to breathe, hoping to die. Punctured lungs, broken noses, and cracked rib cages became the norm; Police reports and flimsy denials, standard operating procedure. He didn’t like lies, but truths only made him madder and the beatings more vicious. After a spell we kept our mouth shut and did our bid –hoping to one day get paroled. * Mom wouldn’t let him take out his anger on me. Not on her twelve-year old baby with an oxygen tank; not to the little kid whose simple existence was a miracle. Not to the kid that she made this way. And I don’t mean in the way her egg and his sperm did the freaky-deeky so I could eventually be popped out nine months later. Though of course that’s 100% accurate in the most literal sense; I mean you could interpret it that way for sure. But more so my condition was brought on by their negligence. I have a condition called pulmonary fibrosis. There’s a couple of causes from genetics to environmental factors. It basically meant my lungs were all messed up, scarred over, and didn’t work right. If they worked worse, I’d be on a lung transplant list, but they work just well enough that I’ll just have shitty lung disease for the rest of my shortened life. Now, one of the causes of pulmonary fibrosis could have been my mother smoking during pregnancy. As much as I’d love to blame her for that, she took impeccable care while I baked inside her. She didn’t smoke, took prenatal vitamins, listened to classical music, and stayed away from fish. She didn’t even drink. Not one drop. It wasn’t until after my diagnosis that the pills and booze took hold. No, the cause of my condition comes from being poor; really, really poor; so poor that we couldn’t afford adequate housing. Poor enough to squat anyplace that accepted our meager cash, even if it meant buildings riddled with asbestos. As a child I was susceptible to all sorts of things that my parents’ immune system could withstand. I’m 18 now. I was 12 during this story. I was 8 when they diagnosed me. That’s the worst part. My condition wasn’t some genetic defect. It wasn’t some moment-of-birth botch. It wasn’t something I’d lived with my entire life. I remember being a normal kid; playing sports, running, jumping, living outside a protective cocoon. I remember biting into a fresh apple without tasting sand. I remember breathing without pins and needles stabbing my lungs. I remember a life where my parents didn’t blame themselves for my existence, where even for a moment we were blissfully happy. I mean blissfully happy. Over the moon, laugh every night, Norman Rockwell, Kodak stock portrait happy. The kind of happy we would nauseatingly shake our heads at today. The kind of happy that breaks my heart to think about, because I can never have it again. Seven though, that was a magical year. Dad came home every night to a warm cooked meal. He regaled Mom with stories of his day as she sat enthralled on the edge of her seat. We made pillow forts and watched old movies that went way over my head, all cuddled up around the shitty CRT Dad found at a yard sale. We were dirt poor. We didn’t care though. We didn’t need things to be happy. We just needed to be together. It wasn’t meant to last though. I started getting winded at soccer practice, then I could barely make it home from school, my chest began to burn and ache throughout the day and into the night. Then, the wretched coughing started, followed by the blood. We went to doctor after doctor after doctor and our meager finances ran dry, but Mom and Dad were vigilant. They endured any cost, no matter how high, to ensure that my health was sound. Specialist after specialist shook their head and confirmed my parents’ worst fears. By my eighth birthday it was a foregone conclusion. They didn’t get me toys, or video games, or even books. They got me two shiny oxygen tanks. I still use them to this day. Happy Birthday to me, right?  


Russell Nohelty is a writer, publisher, and speaker. He runs Wannabe Press, which publishes weird books for weird people, and hosts The Business of Art podcast, which helps creatives build better businesses. Russell is the author of Gumshoes: The Case of Madison’s Father and My Father Didn’t Kill Himself, along with the creator of the Ichabod Jones: Monster Hunter, Gherkin Boy, and Katrina Hates the Dead graphic novels. He makes books that are as entertaining and weird as they are thought provoking. Social Media Links: @russellnohelty on Twitter and Instagram. /russellnohelty on Facebook


Author Interview Questions:

1.       I write because…
I have a sickness to write. I have a compulsion. It’s well beyond loving it. If I don’t write, I get jittery and weird. Well, weirder.
2.       If I were your favorite cookie, what would I be?
Macadamia nut. There’s something about savory and sweet that cookie nails for me. Delish!

3.       Plotter or pantster?
I used to be 100% pantster, but when you’re trying to write longer form stories it’s really hard not to be a plotter. So, I plot as best I can, but usually I get bored of the plot and veer off into my own universe. My best books are the ones I didn’t plot.

4.       What is your favorite type of character to write about and why?
Deeply flawed ones. Good things don’t generally happen to people in my books, and that’s because I am always pushing my characters to change for the better. In order to do that, they need to start out miserable and keep having horrible things happen to them because that’s where character growth comes from. For me, a good novel is all about the change over time.

5.       Hamburgers or sushi?
It depends whether I want comfort food or special food. I love them both, but usually I defer to hamburgers because it’s comfort food. It’s home.

6.       Name three things on your desk.
There are about 100 toys, three monitors, and a Yeti microphone I use to record my podcast The Business of Art (www.thebusinessofart.us). 

7.       What books have influenced your writing style?
1984 by George Orwell, Old Man in the Sea by Hemmingway, Catch 22 by Joseph Heller, Cat’s Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams, and many more. I could probably keep naming people for another twenty minutes, but I won’t. I love anybody that has a weird, quirky sensibility and whose books make you think.

8. Tell us a little about your book.
Spaceship Broken, Needs Repairs is about a boy who escapes his abusive father, moves in with his grandfather, and helps a homeless alien rebuild her ship so she can get off the planet.
Mostly though, it’s about a boy’s complicated relationship with his grandfather, and it’s mostly an exploration of my own complicated relationship with my own grandfather. He was a hard man, and a hard man to love for everybody around him, except for me. To me he was a teddy bear, and it was important to me to explore how I could see somebody different than everybody else, and dive deep into the flaws of humanity. Don’t worry, though, there’s still plenty of Goonies level antics throughout. If you love 80s movies, this is very much in that tone.

8.       What advice do you have for new and aspiring authors?
Writing is only part of a writing career. If you want to build a career, you have to get really good at all the parts of having a career, not just writing a great book.

10. What is next on your writerly horizon?
I have my first non-fiction book coming out soon called Sell Your Soul: How to Build Your Creative Career. For any artists out there, make sure to check out my podcast The Business of Art (www.thebusinessofart.us) because we’ll be dropping some excerpts from the book soon.
I also have a new novel coming out this year called The Vessel which is like Under the Dome meets Logan’s Run set a million years in the future. It’s got tons of intrigue and religious machinations just like the rest of my work. We’ll be teasing that one at www.wannabepress.com soon, too.
Finally, I have an anthology set to launch on Kickstarter on Valentine’s Day called Monsters and Other Scary Shit (www.monsteranthologycomic.com). It’s a 224-page anthology love letter to monsters from 30 different creative teams with credits from Marvel and Vertigo to Transformers, IDW, Boom, Oni, and more. If you love monsters and comics, this is a great hardcover book.
Those are the three main projects set to release this year from me. I’m also working on my next book in the back of my mind, but nothing’s really hit me yet this year.

Top 5 favorite (pick one) desserts, movies, things to eat, ice cream flavors, books.
Butter Pecan
White Chocolate Raspberry Truffle
Salted Caramel
Fudge Ripple
Rocky Road