Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin

This book sort of snuck up on me. Really. I didn't know that I HAD to read it. My wonderful contact at Simon and Schuster sent it my way and since I was waiting for a different book entirely, it was more like a shrug and an "I will get to it later." Well, I picked it up a couple of days ago and haven't been able to put it down since.

The book comes out in September 2011. Talking about it will be difficult because of the general nature of the plot (which I don't want to give away.)

What I liked:

Everything. This book had snap, great plot development, believable dialogue, characters I grew to love and most of all, I discovered it was a part of a series. Thank goodness. I might have to cry if it was a stand alone. It was that good.

As I read, I found myself nodding and trying to take notes in my head about Hodkin's style of keeping me on my toes with each turn of the page. Literally, I dragged the book everywhere. Any spare second, I was in her world, finding out the next bit of the adventure. Any more would be giving away a plot that must be revealed as you read it.

What I didn't:

It ended. Sob...


If you only read one book in September, this has to be the one. The cover art is totally cool. The characters rock. The plot keeps you guessing and turning the pages like a madwoman. My arc had spine issues,  so I lived in terror of the book totally falling apart before I reached the end. It is barely holding itself together at this point. When I reached the end, I just hugged the book to my chest and gave a deep sigh. Might have to read it again, it is that good. So, add it to your Goodreads list, people. It is the hottest book of the fall. You can bank on it.

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