Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tomorrow Girls: Behind the Gates

In a terrifying future world, four girls must depend on each other if they want to survive.
Louisa is nervous about being sent away to a boarding school -- but she’s excited, too. And she has her best friend, Maddie, to keep her company. The girls have to pretend to be twin sisters, which Louisa thinks just adds to the adventure!

Country Manor School isn’t all excitement, though. Louisa isn’t sure how she feels about her new roommates: athletic but snobby Rosie and everything’s-a-conspiracy Evelyn. Even Maddie seems different away from home, quiet and worried all the time.

Still, Louisa loves CMS -- the survival skills classes, the fresh air. She doesn’t even miss not having a TV, or the internet, or any contact with home. It’s for their own safety, after all.

Or is it?

Age range: Middle Grade

Overall thoughts: 5/5

What I liked: This book held my interest. The characters are believable and the storyline was engaging. It didn't have a middle grade feel that talked down to the reader, but a reader at a middle grade level or above can enjoy the story. It is a great contribution to the trend of dystopian fiction that has become so popular. Great pick for a reluctant reader.

What I didn't:
Not a thing.

In general:
This is going to be a great series and I am anxious to begin reading the second book. Part of the dystopian trend, this book is great for all ages of reader. I found myself turning pages late into the night and sneaking a read while cooking and doing other tasks. A great book and worth a read.

Thanks to the wonderful folks at Scholastic for sending me a copy to review. An excellent read and I look forward to more in the series.

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