Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy February- A Journey Begins

Happy February!

This month marks the first day in a journey I have set out for myself. To get back to my YA novels/novellas and have something ready to send off to an agent in 18 weeks. The plot bunnies are running wild and I can't wait to get some words down on the page. Once I get my other deadlines in. Writing under the pen name, I have a pretty tight schedule this month as it is...but as with anything worth doing, you make time. 

What things are you making time for this month?

What kinds of books are you curling up with to read? Are you liking dystopian adventures or paranormal romances? Zombies or a gritty true to life read? 

Have a wonderful day...and may you find joy between the pages of a good book.




  1. There are only two things I'm making time for this month, get more school work done and add more books to my blog that I've read.
    The books I read a young adult books mostly and I jump around when it comes to genre.

  2. I'm trying to get back into writing as well! I want to complete the novella I'm working on, but it's difficult with trying to move into a house and recovering from a surgery, plus I have a honeymoon coming up!

    The books I'm reading are mainly historical fiction for children and young adults. I also dabble in historical fantasy. It has to be pretty good to pull me away from history!

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