Thursday, May 29, 2014

The End of You and Me

The End of You and Me

Book Blurb:

Sixteen-year old Kate can't live without London. Their friendship is intense to the point of obsession. Nothing else matters: not dating, college applications, or her military father’s disapproval. When beautiful red-haired Anastasia sweeps into town and becomes fast friends with the pair, life changes forever. Suddenly Kate's quiet world is threatened.

What makes an honor-student like Kate snap? Is it a redhead armed with seduction and lies? And how far will either of them go to get what they want?


London and I had this kind of closeness that made other people uncomfortable. Everything about London felt like home to me – his wavy dark brown hair, the smell of his skin, the way he breathed when he fell asleep. We were so close, we could practically read each other’s minds.
Sometimes it was complicated, having a guy for a best friend.  Assumptions were made. Dating was virtually impossible. But it almost didn’t matter. The guys I liked never saw the real me. They just saw the bit and pieces: my straight brown hair, brown eyes, the way my legs looked when I strode down the hallway. London knew me. He was the only person who really did. Why would I ever want to ruin that?

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Author Bio:

Wendi M. Lee wanted to be a writer ever since she was seven years old. Before that, she wanted to be an Ewok, an astronaut, and a kitten-tamer. She has a MFA in Fiction from Sarah Lawrence. She currently lives in Pittsburgh, where she carries at least two books and a writing notebook with her at all times.



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